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Ann McIndoo, The Author’s Coach


If you have ever thought of writing a book, getting published, and making $$$ with your book and products, you are at the right place.

 Imagine, what if you could. . .

  • Work with a professional Author’s Coach who has produced more than 1,200 books
  • Have your manuscript in your hands in 10 to 12 weeks?
  • See your book listed on Amazon?
  • Be making $$$ with your material BEFORE you publish your book?
  • Have a box of your books on your porch in just a few months?

Yes! It’s true! You can have all of the above quickly and easily by working with me and my team of Certified Author’s Coaches.

Ever thought of your own book signing? It is a must! Not only is it a lot of fun, but a great money maker, I will show you how!

Ann McIndoo Book Signing

Play audio to hear welcome from Ann…

Hello Author! Ann McIndoo, the Author’s Coach here. I have helped more than 1,200 authors produce their manuscript, many of whom are on bestseller lists and generating revenue for the author. I would love to help you achieve becoming a professional Author and Expert, create your profit-making book and ancillary products, speak on stage and share your message.

Here’s how my team of Certified Author’s Coaches and I will help you:

  • Get your book out of your head and into your hands.
  • Learn how you can generate revenue NOW, before your book is published.
  • Get your book listed on Amazon NOW and begin promoting it BEFORE and while you write it.
  • Have your published books on your porch in just a few short months.

These are all do-able, realistic outcomes that I have helped dozens and dozens of Authors achieve in my Author’s Boot Camp program.

Here’s how we help you write your book:

Step 1:  Work with me right now via phone or Skype and prepare to write your book.  I will show you how to organize your subjects and topics and help you create the structure for your book.  During our Author’s Coaching Sessions, you will learn how to prepare to talk your book.  My team and I will get you ready!

Step 2:  Join me for a 2 Day Private Event.  During the two days together, we will talk your book, create your action plan for editing, publishing, and launching the business of your book as well as learn about creating profitable products based on your material. (Details below)

Step 3:  In 30-45 days you will receive your professionally prepared manuscript.  Yes, you will have your manuscript in your hands!

Yes, it is that easy and fast – remember I’ve done more than 1,200 of these!  You can become a published and PROFITABLE author in a few short months.

If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, this is your opportunity to make it come true. Take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to write your book!

In addition to your book’s manuscript, I will also help you create additional profit centers, which I refer to as Ancillary Products, based on your book, including: an ebook, workbook, audio book, and coaching program so you can start making money right away.

Apply now! Because of all the personal attention my clients receive before, during and after the event, I can only accept a limited number of new authors.

When you register for the Author’s Boot Camp, you will receive all of the following:

Before the Event:

  • Author’s System: “7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book” (Published Book) / Author’s Workbook / Storyboard Kit – All the tools you need to go through the entire Author’s Coaching Program.
  • Author’s Private Consultation: Talk to Ann, or one of her Certified Author’s Coaches, review your Author Documents and discuss your project with her.  Brainstorm with Ann and learn about all the possibilities for your book and material.
  • Author’s Coaching Program:  11 Author’s Coaching Sessions.  6 Private Author’s Sessions with your Author’s Coach as well as 5 Author’s Session audio calls online.  The Author’s Coaching sessions will show you how to prepare to write your book, organize your materials, create the structure of your book and prepare you for the live event.  It is all about getting you ready to talk your book.  [Note: You must complete the Author Coaching Sessions before attending the live event].
  • Author’s Membership Site:  Full Access to private Author’s Member’s Website with tools, templates, forms and resources.

2 Day Private Event:

  • Talk Your Book:  Day 1 is getting your book out of your head! I will help you talk your book.
  • Launch the Business of Your Book: Day 2 is all about what to do next. You and I will brainstorm and create an action plan for your book, editing, publishing, marketing and promotion, branding, social media, online presence and everything to make your book a success.
  • How to get published.  Quick, easy and affordable options to produce a beautiful book.
  • Create Ancillary Products: We will also discuss creating your products based on your book. Instruction, Templates and Coaching are both available at the live event and online. Learn to make $$$ with your material.

After the Event:

  • Continued Coaching and Support:  While you are waiting for your manuscript to be prepared, we are working with you to select your publisher, get your book cover, listing on Amazon, creating your brand, online presence and all the things you need to make your book and products sell.
  • Your audio files transcribed:  The cost of transcription for your audio files is included in your tuition.  (6 hours maximum).  Once you have completed talking your book at the end of Day 1 of the Author’s Boot Camp, your audio files will be sent to my Transcription Team and the preparation of your manuscript will begin!  Your book is coming alive!!!
  • Preparation of Author’s Manuscript:  Once the manuscript is transcribed, we will perform a Line Edit:  Spelling / Punctuation / Grammar.  We will create a beautiful manuscript for you — ready to submit for publishing as well as creating an electronic version of your book.
  • Author’s Business Building Coaching Program:  Four Coaching Sessions after the event online to talk about editing, publishing, marketing and promotion, social media, your website, blogging – making your book successful.
  • Author’s Care Program: Phone, Skype, and email direct access.
  • Your complete manuscript delivered to you via email in a Word document in approximately 30-45 days, (depending on the length of your book) ready for you to read, approve and make any final edits.
  • Continuing Author’s Support and Coaching:   Your support continues after the live event.  Call or email us for help, questions, resources, the next step.  There is no expiration to our support, we will answer questions and provide support for anything related to your book.
  • Author’s Promotion Program: Included in your program is my Author’s Promotion Program.  I will blog, post, tweet, provide you with a testimonial and talk about your book!

Meet Ann’s team of Author Coaches

Here are your Author’s Coaches who will guide you to learning, discovering, creating, making the vision for your book come true.  Learn what’s next, how to implement it and create a plan for your success.

Meet the Coaches
Authors Boot Camp Coaches

Meet my amazing Author Coach team, all published Authors and Speakers.

Have a question?  Just ask!  Let us know how we can support you!

Katie, Mishael, Ann and Judy, we are all here for you!

You can reach us at (760) 771-8940.

Want Your Book?  Take Action!

If you are serious about writing your book, register for the Author’s Boot Camp and let me coach you through the process.  I don’t let go until you have your book in your hands.

Check the testimonials on this site, still have questions?  Call or email me.

I would be delighted to chat with you about your book ideas.

Tuition: $6500.00 U.S. (Day 1)

                   $1200.00 U.S. (Day 2)

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